8 Common Mistakes Made by New Team Leaders

Making a mistake is common and can be a learning experience, however, by taking the time to avoid making these common mistakes, new Team Leaders can become more productive, successful, and highly respected by their team more quickly.

Providing a newly appointed Team Leader with the right skills not only benefits them as a new leader but also benefits your team members and the overall culture of the business environment.

1. Misunderstanding Your Role

Once you become a Team Leader, your responsibilities are quite different from what they were before when you were only accountable for your performance. Now you are accountable for the performance of all the team members in your team.

You will soon realise that you will need to use different skills to be effective in leading and managing people.

2. Not ‘Walking the Walk’

Team Leaders need to be a role model for their team. Your team is watching you all the time, and they are going to pattern a lot of their behaviour on how they see you behave. If you are negative some of the time, you cannot expect them not to be negative too. If you want to shape their behaviour, start with your own, and they will follow suit.

3. Not Providing Timely, Constructive Feedback

When you do not provide timely and constructive feedback to your team members, you’re depriving them of the opportunity to improve their performance.

4. Not Making Time for Your Team

Once you are in a Team Leadership role, your team should always come first; that is the heart of what good leadership is all about. Indeed, everyone wants to get alon