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7 Reasons CV Writing Services Are Worth It

If you're looking for work, you've probably started questioning whether or not your CV makes the mark.

You may then be wondering if it's worth your hard-earned money paying for the professional services of a CV writing company, such as Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions.

Prices for resume and cover letter writing services range from as little as $100.00 to as high as $600.00. Likely then, you're wondering if paying for a cheaper service will result in poorly written documents, or if you are getting more value paying a higher fee.

Does paying a higher price for someone to write up your new CV and cover letter mean you'll get a better service?

It depends.

Okay, as a writer for Client Centric, I may be biased.

But the reality is, to professionally tailor, personalise and write up an attention-grabbing CV complete with a career summary, amplified experience and skills appropriately listed, as well as a letter that properly markets and promotes you, takes considerable time and effort.

The time it takes to write up excellent job application documents will likely translate into a higher fee quoted by a business.

I see seven main reasons why a job seeker should pay for a professional CV writer's services in my professional view. The reasons include:

  1. Someone who understands the jobs market will know what employers are looking for and ensure that your documents highlight this.

  2. A proper, professionally written CV will include a selling spiel written to market and promote your skills and experience, something usually a challenge for a job seeker.

  3. A writer will take the time, with emotions out, to write up a cover letter concisely and logically, that will tie your skills and experience to the role.

  4. A writer knows how to condense a person's experience into a summary.

  5. Once you have your CV and cover letter, you'll be ready to apply for jobs online confidently.

  6. A writing service can also help you address the key selection criteria, which you may have to include in your cover letter.

  7. It will take a lot of the stress and frustration out of the job search process.

If you would like to have your CV and cover letter professionally written, get in touch with the team at Client Centric.

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