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Why Add a Cover Letter To Your Application?

Man waiting for job interview with his resume and cover letter
A well written cover letter can improve your chances to secure a job interview

When an employer is going through the decision process of who they should offer the job to, your resume assists them in making an informed choice.

Sending a cover letter and your CV gives you a more personalised touch for the position by answering the role's requirements as specified in the job advertisement.

Your resume and cover letter are the essential tools you have to get noticed by a prospective employer and help you get your next opportunity.

Recruiters or employers may only dedicate 3 minutes or less to read through your CV and cover letter, so first impressions are crucial. You would want to ensure it jumps out at them, stands out from the crowd and is informative and applicable to the employer's requirements so that it inspires them to select you for an interview.

When your resume and cover letter are well written, it helps endorse your career experience, knowledge and skills and assists in selling you to the company.


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