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To secure work, is it all about how many jobs you apply for online?

Good question.

Some feel that when job searching, it's a numbers game. It's all about how many jobs you apply for. The more job applications you make, the greater the chance you have in applying for work.

So the question to ask really, is it a numbers game? Is it really about quantity of applications, as opposed to submitting a few, but high quality applications?

It is true that the more applications you submit when searching for work, the greater the chance you have to secure work. You cannot really expect to secure a job from one application submitted. However the chances of you obtaining work does increase the more applications you make.

However, in saying that, you could submit hundreds of job applications but your resume and cover letter have numerous spelling errors. That's likely to work against you. Or, you may submit hundreds of applications for a job that requires you to be fully qualified and experienced, which you may not be. That again is going to heavily work against you.

So begs the question, what's the secret then? Well, there is no secret.

The truth is, every application that you make really must be personalised and tailored. You want to make the employer feel special. Show them that you are genuinely interested in working for them.

That really means tailoring your cover letter for each and every job that you apply for. Address the key selection criteria too, if there is one. If you need help with addressing selection criteria, Client Centric can assist. We are experts at writing high quality responses to selection criteria. Learn more by clicking here.

As I mentioned earlier too, your resume has to stand out. It's got to market you. If you want to stand out, you want to bring your very best. Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions are specialists in writing powerful CVs and cover letters. Learn more about this fantastic service by clicking here.


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