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The exceptional outplacement services delivered by Client Centric

Letting go of staff isn't easy for any employer to do. It's not a very nice time for either party. Emotions are high and there may be tension within the workplace.

The priority of the employer is often to ensure things go smoothly and that the ex-employee leaves without any issue. No employer wants to have any former employee out there being disgruntled, as the after-effects can be disastrous, especially in this day and age of social media where negative talk about a business can spread and cause much harm to the employer's reputation.

This is why the team at Client Centric provide a very important service called outplacement services, which they can deliver to organisations large and small all throughout Australia.

They first start by getting to know the former employee, their interests, goals, aspirations and the kind of jobs that they would like to be marketed towards and transition on to as new employment.

The next step is obtaining all the relevant employment and education details, working with a current resume if the client has one. Then, they begin by writing up for the individual a new and professionally written resume and cover letter, before commencing work on revamping their LinkedIn profile.

And, if the individual is keen to apply for a job which has a set of key selection criteria to address, they can also assist with this, depending on what package the company purchases to support the ex-employee.

So why not contact the team today at Client Centric by visiting their website at and they would be delighted to help.

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