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Should I attach a cover letter with my resume? By Matthew Coppola

Most job applications these days request for a cover letter as part of your application. It is almost now the appropriate thing to do when applying. The resume outlines the candidate’s skills and experience; then the cover letter takes the next step further to be tailored and directed towards a particular position. It’s a way for the candidate to approach the employer and explain why they want the job and what they can bring specifically to that role.

However, in saying that, some recruiters and a few employers may feel that a cover letter involves too much reading and because they are too busy and have too many applications to read through, so they scan through the resume and look for keywords.

Now that may be true. But without surveying hundreds if not thousands of employers and recruiters, at this stage, it is only a generalisation.

A cover letter nicely complements the resume because the resume may not be tailored for a particular company and what they specifically require from a candidate. Every company and organisation is going to be different.  Their needs and requirements although similar for a role will still vary.

So given this, a cover letter is still suggested to be attached as part of an application.


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