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Responding to the interview question: “Why do you want this job?” By Matthew Coppola

Why do you want this job?

Fairly straight forward question, right?

For most people, the real reason why they want the job may not be exactly what they decide is appropriate in the interview to say.

How so?

Some of the real reasons for wanting the job are:

  1. Unemployed – need to pay the bills and so having a job is high priority. 

  2. More money/higher income and greater job challenges.

  3. To be involved and part of the work force.

  4. Really need a job to sustain a certain lifestyle.

  5. Desire to be industrious, hard working and busy.

I have highlighted the main reasons which I believe are the most common.

But should you prefer to provide another reason other then what I have listed above, you may opt to say the following:

  1. Role really interests me and is exactly what I am looking for to make next step in my career.

  2. As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in my currently role, I feel now after ____ years, I am ready for a change.

  3. Since being made redundant/leaving my last role, I have been actively searching for work. This job is precisely what I am seeking.


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