Interview with Matthew Coppola, Australia Careers and Employment Specialist

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Coppola, an Australian careers and employment specialist.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. I have fond memories growing up in Perth. It's a warm, sunny part of Australia. In fact, Perth is the most isolated city in the world.

Did you complete any formal studies?

Yes, I did. After I completed year 12 high school, I went on to complete a Degree in Commerce, with a major in Economics at Curtin University. Later, I completed a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development at RMIT University.

What drew you to the field of careers and employment?

After I graduated from university, I found myself working in business development and training. I was then given the opportunity to join an Australian employment services agency, which I took up. I learnt to work in recruitment and employment services which I started to really enjoy and find it was a passion of mine. I started learning all that I could about interview technique, resume writing, engaging with employers and cold calling. I loved it so much that I bought books to learn more about job searching. I also started a blog called and started regularly posting articles on all things related to employment, which I continue to do.

What skills have you gained?

I am proud to say I have learnt so much over the years and absorbed all that I can to learn about all things employment related. The skills that I have gained over the years include:

- Writing professionally written resumes and cover letters

- Revamping LinkedIn profiles

- Addressing key selection criteria

- Reverse marketing candidates to employers

- Cold calling

- Applying for jobs and tailoring applications

- Writing and designing brochures and capability statements

- Marketing design

- Web design and development

- Content development

- Business development

- Sales

What inspires you?

I love simplicity. I think it's important for marketing materials to be simple.