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Interview Question: Why do you want to work for our company?

One of the common questions an interviewer may ask concerns why you want to work for their company. It could ask be asked in another way such as, why did you apply for this role, what do you know about the company and why should we hire you.

The meaning uncovered

This is a typical question where the employer is trying to discern just how interested and keen you really are in working for them. They are looking to see how enthusiastic you really are. The employer may be interviewing 5 other candidates just like you, so they want someone who genuinely wants the role and will demonstrate this.

Difference between “enthusiastic” and “desperate”

You can come across enthusiastic by showing interest in the position, the company and the interviewer. You will come across desperate by having a great need or desire for getting the job, to the point that it goes overboard and makes the interviewer feel uncomfortable.

How you can show enthusiasm

You can show enthusiasm by asking questions about the company, saying things like “I can definitely see myself performing well in this role” or “This position is exactly what I am looking for”. Your body language will also come across that you are enthusiastic about the role and you can do this by leaning forward, nodding, smiling and maintaining eye contact.


Author: Matthew Coppola


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