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How valuable can temporary employment opportunities be? By Matthew Coppola

So, you have just recently been offered temporary employment. Say, around 2 – 4 or more weeks of work to either cover for someone who is away, or to help with a backlog of work.

Temporary work opportunities, although short in nature and not permanent job opportunities, they do present many benefits to the job seeker. These benefits include:

  1. Great way to get into employment quickly and provide some breathing space while out of work and searching for a permanent position.

  2. Generally speaking, the pay rate tends to be higher than a permanent role.

  3. Opportunity to add experience to your CV, so that at your next interview, you can show that you have taken up opportunities to work while searching for a role.

  4. The temporary role may (not always) turn into a permanent position, in that if the employer likes your work, they may find a suitable position within the organisation. Although, you cannot always expect this.


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