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How to Make a Career Change Happen!

After a better salary, more flexible hours, job satisfaction or something else? There is a whole list of reasons why you might be considering a change in careers, and this can be a scary move to make, going into the unknown. Before you switch careers, it's important to understand why you're doing it in the first place.

Five things you should do before deciding to go on a new career journey are:

- Ask yourself why do you want a career change?

- Assess your strengths and passions.

- Create a plan with achievable goals.

- Do some networking.

- Consider the downsides of changing careers.

You need to ask yourself what the pros and cons are in your current career and think about whether you're ready for that equilibrium to shift. If you don't know your underlying reasons for being frustrated, how can you be sure they won't crop up again in your new job? You may find that you just want a new job at a new company, rather than to change careers altogether.

You need to create a roadmap and a detailed plan that will guide you towards where you need to be. Your path to a career change will not always be certain, and it may be worth speaking to people in your desired career to find out the paths that they took.

Once you have done your research into whether this is the right decision for you and all the pros and cons point towards making a career change, then make the jump as this is the only way you will really know if you are truly happy with your new path.


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