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How detailed and personalised should my response be to each key selection criteria? By Matthew Coppo

Generally speaking, every response to key selection criteria should include at least one example of how you demonstrate that you fulfil the requirements of the position and essentially the criteria statement itself.

The first and most important point that I would like to stress is that your response should really be written with the reader in mind, just like anything else put in writing. The reader will want to know about your experience and know exactly how you address the statement. Remember, the reader may be the Human Resources Manager, Recruitment Consultant or Manager/Supervisor who will be the direct report for the position.

A response to key selection criteria should be detailed and personalised by incorporating not only a relevant example but also other specific details from your experience in a clear and concise manner. It should be personalised by being less vague and general, to be more relevant and specific to you as a potential employer and what you have done in the past that meets with what they require.

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