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Help! I've Just Lost My Job. What Now?

You’re sitting in the manager’s office, and he tells you he has to let you go, giving you two weeks to find another job. Just like that. How do you think you would feel?

For many of us, the possibility of losing our job can seem very disheartening, especially if we have financial commitments. When it does occur, it certainly does hurt and can be a stressful time in anyone’s life.

Being out of a job and having to deal with the consequences of being unemployed is hard to manage.

How unemployment affects us

The majority of the time people will feel depressed and lack confidence and self-esteem. Being long-term unemployed can turn enthusiastic, successful, and optimistic people into being emotionally shattered and feeling as though they are failures.

How you can cope

The first thing that you should do if you become unemployed is sought any available financial assistance from your previous employer or Centrelink. Some employers may provide severance pay to employees they let off, but you can’t always guarantee they will. Also, make sure that you seek any back pay or entitlements that are yours.

The simple truth is that if you don’t seek you won’t find! Finally, go to your nearest Centrelink office and report your current employment situation and see what benefits are available to you to help you cope financially while you are looking for another job.

Your next step should be to sit down with your family or partner and critically assess your family finances and devise a budget. In the event a financial crisis occurs in the household, budgeting should really be done well before in anticipation. By being prepared, you will be well equipped to handle your finances in the event you do become unemployed.

Don’t lose sight of the dangers of unemployment

When the effects of unemployment hit the household, the results can be devastating. Financial problems can rip apart families and turn a once happy family life into one which has family members who are irritable and bitter. Tensions can start to grow in the household.

Over the past years, households that have coped the best in a time of crisis with a member being unemployed are the ones who stick together with every member of the family supporting one another. By supporting an unemployed member of your household or seeking support from other family members if you become unemployed, will give you the strength and confidence to find another job immediately.

Jumping to find another job immediately is the best thing to do to try and avoid these hard

situations and help you move on rather than dwell on the situation that has recently happened.


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