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Gossip in the workplace, the adverse effects, and how to resolve the issue

Gossiping and talking about other staff members can definitely lead to a toxic work environment.

These kinds of environments make it gruelling for employees to perform their responsibilities. Going to a place where you know rumours are the daily agenda can negatively impact a person’s mental health, as well as lead to them underperforming or missing days of work.

It’s not possible to completely stop gossiping in the workplace; however, you can try to minimise it. This can be done by putting policies in place that ban spreading hurtful rumours about other people.

Look closer at your work environment and try to isolate the negative effects of these politics. Sometimes you’ll be able to trace it back to specific employees; however, other times, the problem can be so pervasive that the only way to resolve the issue is by restructuring how everyone interacts.



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