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Getting a job in a recession: what you need to know

When a recession arrives, the jobs market becomes increasingly tighter and more challenging to secure work. Less spending results in less revenue for companies, diminishing profits and prompting employers to turn to cost-cutting initiatives. All of which may be in the form of reducing their most significant expense - people.

Employers hire less. So, jobs become more scarce. The tables turn in the jobs market where all of a sudden, employers can take their pick of the crop with such high availability of great talent flooding the market.

With fewer jobs and more candidates vying for work, the result is higher competition. So, in these challenging times, it is imperative, if not crucial, to stand out among other applicants.

Get ahead of the rest by utilising the services of a professional resume writer. The team at Client Centric are experts in writing tailored and expertly worded resumes and cover letters, and addressing critical selection criteria. They can also coach you on how to win your next interview and overcome your nerves. They certainly do know how to market candidate and highlight their skills and experience correctly.



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