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Everyone's getting promoted, except me. Why?

It is only normal to want to see yourself progressing through an organisation.

Understandably, you may feel somewhat discouraged or even left out if you have not yet had a promotion – especially if many of your colleagues have moved forward in the company.

For some, being stuck in the same role can begin to seem like a thick wall, a barrier that divides them from job fulfilment and success. With each passing year, it may feel like another lot of bricks are laid on top of that wall. As a result, employees can start to think that they are no good or do not contribute anything to the organisation.

Do you find yourself thinking along similar lines?

Let’s look at the widespread belief that a promotion opens the door to greater happiness. A job promotion indeed can and usually does contribute to tremendous success. However, simply being in a higher position does not make one happy. With higher positions come greater responsibilities.

Even if you see the reasonableness of this point, you may still feel discouraged at times. But before you assume the worst, take a minute to ask yourself, “Am I ready for a promotion or higher position?” Be realistic about it. For example, if you are a recent graduate or just started a job, the answer will likely be no!

It is true that some new employees may be outstanding or have been in the same role for quite some time.

Have you honestly considered whether you are ready to take on greater responsibilities in the workplace?

A good self-examination may explain some realities. For example:

  • How mature and responsible are you?

  • Do you get along with workmates, or are you in constant conflict with them?

  • Are you motivated to reach out for a promotion?

  • Have you expressed your thoughts on this matter with your supervisor?

Expressing your interests and thoughts about being promoted to your supervisor is the best way to determine if you are ready. Be sure to ask your employer how you can reach out for a promotion.

This will show interest on your part and keep you on the radar, so to speak, should any opportunities arise.



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