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Do's and Dont's of CV Writing

Here are our top DOs and DONTs when writing a CV:


  1. Make the job of the reader easy. Potential employers are busy people; on average, an employer will spend 30 seconds on a resume. Do not expect them to read between the lines -concentrate on clear and relevant information.

  2. Tailor the CV for each position.

  3. Be honest, as lying can burn you later.


  1. Include salary details and marital or health status.

  2. Include reasons for leaving previous positions.

  3. Use words or phrases with a negative connotation.

  4. Use acronyms and jargon unless explained with the first usage.

  5. Use ‘etc.’ or ‘etcetera’ as it indicates you cannot think of what else to say.

  6. Break a section of information with a new page.

  7. Use coloured paper or printing, graphics, borders, photo, or gimmicks.

  8. Have a single spelling, punctuation, or grammatical error.



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