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Dealing with post job interview blues

Many people become agitated because they haven't heard back from the employer after their interview. They want to know the outcome, especially a couple of days after the interview, having still not heard back from anyone.

Going through their mind are questions about how they went during the interview, what they said, what they didn't say, and what the employer thinks of them.

It can even discourage the most qualified and experienced job seekers from applying for more jobs. But the question remains, what should you do if you don't hear back from an employer after the interview?

Without me making life easy for you and giving you the answer, please put yourself in the employer's shoes.

Now you have just interviewed 15 people over the last two weeks. There have been some that you like, others that you wanted, some that you won't hire at all, and five people that you cannot just make your mind up on because they all possess different skills and abilities that you want, but you have the capacity and funds to hire one person out of those 5.

So there faces the dilemma of almost every employer.

And the fact that fewer open vacancies and more job seekers are applying for one job means that the employer has a more challenging time choosing a suitable candidate but also has the power to be choosy in this decision.

They can pick the best out of all five and do not need to settle for anything less. Now you cannot change or influence the decision post-interview stage apart from sending a thank you email straight after your interview, which may give you a 1-5% boost in your probability of being chosen for the job.

So you leave it.

After you send the thank you email, move on and assume that you didn't get the job just so you keep sane and can start applying for more jobs.

That will be my best suggestion if you do not hear back.


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