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Coping with rejections from unsuccessful job applications, by Matthew Coppola

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So you are looking for work and find the perfect job—precisely the type of role you want to do and take the next step in your career. You may start to visualise yourself in the position, imagine the pride and joy that you will have and can share with your family and close friends. It’s a great feeling start to a new job, and you are excited about what may be in store for you in the future.

So, you go ahead and apply. And because this role is perfect for you, it warrants the extra time and attention to detail in your application. You tailor your resume, modify your cover letter to help increase your chances and make sure that your job application accurately addresses the employer’s requirements. There’s a good article on the benefits of tailoring your resume written by Client Centric.

So yeah, you could say you’ve put in the time and effort to make a great application, and after proof-reading both documents over and over again, you’re confident attach them and hit the submit button.

And there it goes, off into the wide world web.

You wait, wait and wait.

Finally, you get a call from the prospective recruiter. I often write about articles dealing with the recruitment process, such as why hiring processes can be so lengthy. Recruiters often dismiss application and pigeon-hole you into one particular field. The field that you’re trying to get out of and move into something new. It’s disheartening. It’s mean. Maybe you have found yourself in a similar position. Perhaps you applied only not just to be rejected, but not even have the chance to speak with anyone as to why you were not successful.

The thing is not to give up. To not let anyone tell put you down. To lift your head high and persevere, keep applying and believe in yourself. Indeed, take on constructive feedback and see where you can improve, and view any criticism like water off a duck’s back.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Which is why it can be so helpful to have your resume and cover letter professionally written by the experts in Brisbane, as well as other states throughout Australia. Feel free to learn more about Client Centric and what they can do to support you with your job search efforts.

And if you want to know what makes a resume stand out, read this great article by Client Centric entitled “what makes a good resume stand out?”.

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