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ClientCentric now offers professional interview coaching to Gold Coast job seekers

Australian professional employment services firm ClientCentric is now pleased to offer job seekers across all industries and professions in the Gold Coast tailored one-on-one interview coaching from an experienced, competent, patient interview coach.

Job seekers can book an hour or an hour and a half interview coaching session with either John or Matthew, experienced and capable coaches who have coached hundreds of people in the art of the interview.

Whether you are applying for public service jobs and need to handle an APS level interview, corporate level jobs or have been to many interviews without success, the team at ClientCentric is here to help you reach your goals and make a great first impression.

During the session, your coach will teach you how to confidently handle commonly-asked and behavioural interview questions, as well as job-specific questions that may come up. Your session will also give you the opportunity to practice your answers through a mock interview role-play. Your coach will give you genuine praise, feedback and suggestion on ways you can improve, where you are doing well in and perhaps where you may be falling short.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to book in your interview coaching and learn how to confidently express yourself and put your best foot forward for that job on the Gold Coast.


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