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Best practice approach in addressing key selection criteria

Have you found that job that you want to apply for, but as part of your application, they have asked that you address a set of key selection criteria?

You're not alone. The requirement to address criteria is becoming all too common for many jobs these days. The employer wants to make sure that you can perform the role in question and that you meet their requirements. To identify this, they stipulate selection criteria to be addressed.

Best practice approaches when addressing selection criteria:

- Follow the desired format if specified.

- Include relevant examples.

- Be specific and straight to the point.

- Avoid lengthy responses then that is necessary.

- Include your experience and skill set.

- Avoid large paragraphs - break them up if you can.

Here at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions, we address key selection criteria and would be happy to provide you with a quote. Contact the team today.



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