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Avoid these TOP 10 MISTAKES when applying for work

For many people, applying for jobs is an arduous and time-consuming endeavor. To add to the challenges is the fact that emotions get involved.

The jobs that we apply for identify with the kind of work we want to do and where we see ourselves going. Unfortunately, however, many job seekers do make mistakes and below lists some of the top 10 mistakes that I personally think many job seekers make:

  1. They don't tailor their cover letter for the position, but rather send through a generic, general cover letter that is not in line with what the employer is asking for.

  2. They apply for jobs that are way out of what they are capable and able to do.

  3. They rush their applications rather than take the time to make sure their resume and cover letter are top-notch, ready to submit.

  4. The resume is un-organised and incoherent.

  5. The resume isn't tailored for the kind of work they want.

  6. The resume is not informative enough to justify the experience they have.

  7. Job seekers don't apply for enough jobs. Unfortunately, it is a numbers game.

  8. Rather than updating the cover letter, they use the same letter from an earlier application which has another employer's name on it.

  9. The CV is littered with spelling errors.

  10. The cover letter is not easy to read and talks too much about themselves and not what the employer is seeking.

I hope these mistakes are in some way insightful for you and may help you to avoid making these same mistakes. If you would like Client Centric to professionally write for you a new and tailored CV and cover letter so that you apply with your best, get in contact with us today.

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