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5 Ways To Write Winning Responses To Selection Criteria

Not everyone likes to have to address a set of key selection criteria for a particular role. And, for good reason. It’s time consuming.

Furthermore, many find it hard to write about themself.

Below are my top 5 suggestions that you can use to write winning responses to selection criteria:

  1. Actually address the criteria. Don’t write about anything unrelated to what the criterion is asking for you to explain or demonstrate. Don’t go off-track.

  2. Incorporate real-working examples into every selection criteria as best you can. If you are unsure of how many examples to include, read this article on deciding how many examples to use.

  3. Don’t waffle on. Get to the point.

  4. Have a clear and logical structure to every response.

To summarise, it is vital that your responses tie your experience and skills back to the position, incorporating relevant examples.

If however, you do find yourself stuck and you need help, the team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions are the go-to people when it comes to asking for help with addressing selection criteria. As selection criteria writing service, they are experts in writing for all industries and professionals, including executive and government roles.


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