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How to Use Questioning Techniques with your Clients, by Matthew Coppola

Id like you to see the importance of using questions with your clients, A great sales person can have the client selling themselves the products and services by using questions. There’s several techniques I would like to discuss here. The first I will illustrate with another example. I would like to ask several people here what the first thing they think of when I say a certain word ok. So starting here what’s the first thing you think of when I say the word Black. (White)

Ok so you picked the opposite or something relevant to the word black but did you think black? Well no your mind is trying to think of a solution, it normally tries to translate and find something relevant to pin it to. The problem with this is you may be talking to a client and telling them BLACK BLACK BLACK then they are thinking the complete opposite like WHITE WHITE WHITE.

So how would you get your clients to think what you need them to think? Questions my friends! There’s no more mind reading needed in Sales as old systems suggest. With the new and improved Psychology you no longer need to work out what your client is doing as you can create the thoughts needed with your sales pitch and questioning techniques.

Ok, now the second little trick I have here in using questions is my secret weapon. The WHY question. The why question is really used for two reasons. One is to help people look at their behaviour, which I don’t use unless really necessary as they will react only one way…they get defensive. With Neuro Linguistic Programming we believe that people make the best choice to them at anytime..And you’re probably the same..

Have you ever made a bad decision on purpose? Highly unlikely. So when you ask someone why they did something the normal reaction is to get defensive. But the second reason is the one I want you to concentrate on, this is that it is a motivating question. It makes people act. So basically when you want to use it is to suggest they follow you. Great in Sales. You would say something like… “Why don’t we take a seat, Why don’t we have a look at the options, Why don’t we go ahead with this deal? “ all those questions help the client ask themselves why don’t I? and again that’s the thought you want on people’s minds.

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