Tips for Success in Job Interviews and How to Present Yourself Well

Interview tips for success

There is a strong correlation between how much the interviewer likes the interviewee and whether or not they get the job. What is always remembered is the impression that the candidate made on the interviewer.

In summary:

  • Be articulate.

  • Demonstrate confidence.

  • Avoid "yes" or "no" responses.

  • Show enthusiasm.

  • Respond to nonverbal cues such as nodding and smiling.

  • Avoid excessive mannerisms and fidgeting.

  • Avoid bringing up negative information about past job experiences, co-workers, or former employers.

  • Always present the best of your background or qualifications

Before Hand

The first step in your preparation is to identify your skills, interests, and career goals before you arrive at the interview. A comfortable self-knowledge will help you answer the interviewer's questions about your goals and desired direction within that organization.

The next step is to study your prospective employer

Before hand

Research the hospital and what achievements they have made in medicine and for the community.

At reception

Arrive 15 minutes early and wait at the front reception, do not sit down, even if aske