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Why are we always nervous when being interviewed for a job?

Being interviewed can be extremely daunting, and as an experienced employment coach, although I attend numerous interviews with my job seekers, I was nervous when I was interviewed for an internal transfer and so I completely understand my job seekers now.

As an employment placement coach with PVS workfind, my role involves attending supported interviews with my job seekers when they are being interviewed for a job I have put them forward for. Every time I have attended an interview, my job seekers have been very nervous, and so I try to calm them down by coaching and mentoring them on what to say and what not say in an interview. And for a while I couldnt understand why they were so nervous, and I thought that it was all in their mind and they were just worrying for nothing or simply didnt have the confidence. But how wrong was I!!

Just recently I was interviewed myself for an internal position over in Melbourne. The last time I was interviewed was when I applied for my current position. And how quickly did I forget how nervous I was. Well when I was interviewed via phone for the internal transfer, I was so so nervous,. At the end of the interview I worried so much about what I said wrong and whether or not I got the job. After that interview, I completely understood how my job seekers now feel when they are being interviewed. Its natural to be nervous when being interviewed, and no matter how hard we may try to not be nervous, our natural tendencies to be nervous always come through!!


Author: Matthew Coppola, Managing Director of Client Centric.

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