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We're skilful with words.

And eloquent writers.

Durable responses are those that are concise, incorporate examples and demonstrate that the candidate meets the set criteria, both in skill and experience.

Is there a role that you would like to apply for in Melbourne which requires you to address a set of key selection criteria?

It can be daunting, we know. But it doesn't have to be. We are specialists in addressing selection criteria.

We'll write for you tailored and individualized responses that are unique and concise, straight to the point. We will also incorporate your experience and demonstrate how it relates to the requirements of the role. We also use the SAO approach.


Exhibits a personal commitment to public service professionalism and probity. Working with and exemplifying and promoting high standards of corporate values.


I maintain a personal commitment to public service professionalism as can be exemplified by my roles working with youth in assistance with training and upskilling for entry into the workforce. I continue to develop and improve my knowledge base and skills in liaising with a diverse group of people to attain organisational objectives. I maintain high standards in interactions with others and practise a high degree of respect and courtesy in dealing with work colleagues, stakeholders, and the public.


At Business Entity I am the Managing Director. I work with clients who travel to Perth from regional and remote communities for specialist medical treatment. We work closely with clients state-wide from regional and remote communities and maintain open lines of communication, practising discretion and confidentiality at all times. Our clients utilise all mainstream public hospitals as we currently have extensive relationships with Hospital Entity where many of our clients require daily access.  


I consider my role within this organisation as pivotal and maintain the responsibility to ongoing development based on strategic business planning, consideration and respect for the comfort and needs of others, and continual improvements based on proactive foresight and advice. 

Given this experience, I am confident in my ability to show a true commitment to public service professionalism and probity. I have done so consistently in the past and will continue to do so.



It is essential to make sure that your responses to critical selection criteria grab and hold the employer's attention. You want the employer or recruiter to be impressed by you and to think deeply about your suitability for the role. The aim is to encourage the employer to invite you in for an interview.


Remember, the ones who make the hiring decision will read your application. If they feel at any point in time that you have just done a copy a paste response and did not tailor your answer to the employer, they will be put off and disregard your application for employment. Questions are usually the same, but you generally should tweak your responses for each role.


When addressing each criterion, we aim to include at least 1 – 2 examples that demonstrate how you meet the requirements. 

Every selection criteria that we write is personised to you and ties your experience to the position. We ensure the right keywords are in place, and we demonstrate your suitability by drawing from your experience and even with transferable skills applied. We usually work to around a 300 to 350-word limit.


We also aim to follow the 'SAO' approach when incorporating an example. We do this by addressing the "Situation"; "Action" and "Approach". 



You can always reuse the letter addressing the selection criteria that we write for you again. But make sure you tweak the answers to suit. 

Responses that are not too long
and not too short. 
Just the right length.



When writing a response, you don’t want to put the employer off your application by having a lengthy answer.


Think of how long it is going to take for them to read through your responses. Try and keep your answers to about two solid paragraphs or less than half a page long.


Make sure your sentences are an easy read and show clearly how your values, knowledge, skills, and experience satisfy the criteria. Be precise and make it relevant; you want to persuade them to continue reading and grab their attention.


Initial consultation

We make initial contact with you by phone/email for a brief discussion.



We then ask if you can send us your existing resume along with a copy of the role description and (if at all possible) a copy of your current job description. We will then email you which examples we need to assist us in addressing each key selection criteria.



Once we have all the information we need we can proceed, but if there is anything else we need to know in the course of working on your criteria, we will send you an email.



Full payment will need to be made upfront prior to us commencing work.

We generally ask for a turn around time of about 3 working days for us to address the criteria. This may change at any time and depends on our current workload.



Once the key selection criteria are completed, we will then send it to you for your review. We will ask you to thoroughly read over each response. 



Once you have made your review, we will then make any changes or additions as required by you. We allow for one major review.


Convenient packages. Simple pricing.

For details of our pricing structure and the range of packages we provide, please click on the link for further information.


Submit your order today.

Please feel free to submit a contact request via the contact link and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


"Awesome Matt! Great job! Thank you so so much :-) I really want this job so feeling a lot more confident- now you have done such an awesome job"


Tania F, Senior Anaesthetic Technician



""Hi Matthew, thank you so so much!!!! You have captured my experience perfectly. Can't believe I ever hesitated in using your service. I will be referring all my friends and colleagues 

to your business."


Jenny, Coordinator



"Hi Matthew, 

Really Really pleased buddy, you have allowed me to gain an interview again. Your the man for sure, and i will continue to recommend you to others without a doubt. You have helped me gain an interview with another government agency, and i have interview this Thursday, I can't thank you enough. This one is for a permanent role too.


many many thanks"


Steven, IT Support

"Hi Matthew. Wow wow wow. You captured my essence so well. You are truly talented and money worth spent. I am going to keep you in my contact for future work. Just a couple of changes, But great work. I am really happy. I hope this is enough to get me that interview because I am perfect for this job."


Kay G, Youth Leader and Advocate



""Matt: These documents are a great start. I truly admire your skills as a wordsmith"


Kyle, Business Executive



We create solutions for jobseekers and businesses to get ahead and stand out in an ultra-competitive world.

Be empowered.


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