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Will All Jobs Be Replaced By Robots?

Robot serving customers and employed
Can a robot do your job?

Can we expect in years to come for all jobs to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or automated robots who can perform work just as good as a human being?

I cannot say for sure. Why? Because I cannot foretell the future.

If history is to go by anything as a future predictor, then I do see some jobs being automated and replaced by robots but not all jobs. You just need to have a look through all the different professions people have listed on their LinkedIn profiles to see that the IT and technology fields is huge and growing every year. 30 years ago many jobs that we have today in 2021 would have been completely unheard of.

The human brain is so complex, adaptable and can show emotional intelligence as well as the ability to reason and use discretion.

And even if robot technologies happen to become so advanced that engineers create robots with the ability to think, act and react just like a human, they will never be able to show true emotion and fellow feeling. People will still be able to recognise the difference between a robot and a human.

Some, may even want to only converse and engage with another human being, especially in roles like counselling, education and medicine.

If you feel that at some point, your job will be done by a robot in the future and you want to future-proof your CV, then I suggest undertaking some short courses and suitable training and education to upskill and improve your professional development.

Article written by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions.


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