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Why one-page resumes can be powerful.

Building an effective one-page resume requires taking the purpose of your resume into account.

A resume should show who you are, detail your experience, and give insight into your potential impact.

However, we can often end up with a long over four pages resume that no one has the time to read. Despite your long experience, you can still condense your resume down to one page.

A one-page resume can be detailed, yet concise and tailored to a position you wish to apply for. In your resume, show who you are by having a short bio about your attitude to work, to life, and your accomplishments.

Detailing your experience doesn’t have to be long. Simple can be effective. Just a quick bullet point that explains all of your responsibilities and nothing should go over one or two sentences. Describing an impact that you have made can be utilised in an awards section or in your experience briefly explain the results of your work.

Keeping things short and sweet can be useful for when it comes to recruiters, HR managers and business owners looking at your resume. It will get straight to the point of how you are a good fit for the role and what you have to offer and save the employer time.



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