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Why Leaving A Job Can Be So Hard To Do

For many, their employment makes up a large portion of their time and energy spent over their life. As the saying goes, we work, rest and play. Which is why it can be such a challenging thing quit, especially when you have been working there for so many years. There is an interesting article on why it can be a challenge to go to work that you may find useful. And you're not alone. Many individuals on their last day of work end up being teary and sad, for having made so many friends and memories. Although every chapter that ends begins with a new chapter in the story of life, feelings of excitement, sadness and anxiousness become overwhelming the sooner we come to the last day of work.

There may be many reasons as to why you want to change jobs. Or maybe, there's just the one reason. Perhaps you feel that you have to deal with too much stress in the workplace, or that management have not met up to your salary expectations, and so it's time you looked elsewhere for more income.

Whatever the reason may be, leaving any job can be difficult. Or, you may feel empowered, and it was the best feeling you have had in a long time. There is an interesting article about how to deal with the dilemma of not knowing where to start in moving on to new and better employment, that you may find useful.

But, my suggestion is that if you do find it so hard, it's best to look to the positive side of all of it.

Rather than concentrating on what you have lost, focus perhaps on what you have gained, maybe it's a new job or more time to spend with those you love. And, if you find yourself out of a job and ready to re-enter the workforce, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is here to help.

We are specialist resume writers based in Australia, servicing clients all over the country in all positions and industries. We are also expert selection criteria writers, helping clients have more confidence to secure jobs in Government, education, healthcare, aged care, community services, administration and so forth.

If you would like help to make a career change and secure new employment, contact the team at Client Centric today.



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