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What Is a Capability Statement and Why Do I Need One?

A Capability Statement is a marketing tool that demonstrates your company or organisation’s core competencies, accreditations and associations, significant achievements, critical skills and expertise, experience and products/services.

At Client Centric, we write Capability Statements that are specific, well structured, very presentable, and market your company towards a particular target market or type of audience.

The Capability Statement aims to promote your company and highlight what you offer and why they should do business with you.

A Capability Statement is used to communicate to potential customers, key stakeholders, suppliers and future employees about your company, what it does and what makes it different or unique. That is, it clearly outlines your company’s key selling points or your point of difference.

Our Capability Statements help to persuade others to conduct business with your company or organisation and to help differentiate you from the competition. It is a great tool that staff can use to strengthen your corporate brand and emphasis the point of difference and value you bring and why it is essential to the individual reading it.

That is, how it can benefit them.

If you need a professional capability statement written and designed, the team at ClientCentric specialise in this. Visit our page on capability statement writing and design for more information.


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