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What Does It Mean To Have JOB SECURITY?

Man in a secure job.
Have you found job security?

By definition, 'job security is when someone holds a job and is unlikely to lose it anytime soon.

A person has found job security when there is a high probability that they will either hold down a job with a single employer for a brief time (decades).

Or, if they lose a job, they can quickly secure new employment in their line of work within a matter of weeks because of how 'in-demand' their job is.

Many ask whether or not it's possible to find job security in today's job market?

If history is anything to go by, there is no job security.

Why? Because things can change very quickly. We may work in a stable and secure industry, but anything can happen. We may lose our reputation in the industry.

There may be an increase in people who can do our job at a lower pay rate, or business and consumer needs may change. Anything can happen.


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