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The Tough Call Employers Have to Make During a Recession

Letting go of people during challenging economic times is really not easy to do for any employer.

With emotions running high, it's difficult to have to make people redundant for reasons that are really out of anyone's control. With the economy in turmoil and consumer spending down, this usually translates to a fall in business sentiment. With lower revenues comes redundancies. Employer cannot afford the staff that they have or there is just no enough work.

One of the services that our team at Client Centric provides is outplacement support for businesses of all sizes.

We agree. It's a tough call for any organisation to have to let go of people and make the difficult decision of deciding exactly who to let go as well.

To make life easier for employers and to ease the burden felt by employers and employees alike, Client Centric will revamp the employee's CV as well as write for them a tailored cover letter, revamped LinkedIn profile and interview coaching.

All of these services are designed to make it easier for redundant staff to move on sooner to new employment.

The benefit to an organisation in using our outplacement service is that they can make staff redundant without having employees become disgruntled or begin to bad-mouth the organisation on social media.

If you are interested in using the outplacement service offered by Client Centric, get in contact with us today.


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