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The Project Manager Career Path and What's Involved

The project management profession is a role that has a place in every industry and a popular career.

Professionals who have embarked on a project management career path possess skills that can be used in virtually any industry – from information technology to consumer goods to business services. This career mobility ensures that project managers can readily find work, even if their current industry is affected by an economic downturn or cyclical demand.

Before embarking on the career path, you need to ask yourself whether or not you have a passion and aptitude for this type of work. If you are up to the challenge of overseeing the contributions of a diverse team and managing the expectations of key stakeholders, this may be the position for you.

A project manager requires strong communication and organisational skills, the ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and an understanding of the functional roles of departments throughout the organisation.

If you prove yourself on the job and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning, you have excellent advancement potential. Take the first steps toward a project manager career path, and you will be on your way toward a wealth of job opportunities, a lucrative salary and genuine long-term career satisfaction.


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