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Returning to the office after working from home

As we move towards the new year, many aspects of life are returning to normal and work is no exception, with many businesses contemplating the re-opening of offices and other workplaces.

However, getting employees back to work is not as simple as flicking a switch for businesses as there are considerations through this transition period.

If you're struggling to get motivated to work from home, you're not alone. Many people feel this way, however there are strategies to deal with low motivation whilst working from home.

Returning to work will most likely mean that things will not be going back to the standard procedures and environment.

If you found that you were more productive working from home, let your employer/manager know. Tell them what it was that you think made it more productive for you so that they could potentially implement the idea into the workplace.

Ensure you make your return to the workplace successful and enjoyable even if circumstances have changed in the office due to COVID-19.



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