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Professional CV Writing Service, Chicago Illinois

Are you actively applying for jobs or interested in moving on to new employment?

Client Centric is pleased to offer a professional resume and cover letter writing service for clients based in Chicago, Illinois. Service delivered primarily by email contact.

Your resume and cover letter are the most important tools that you have to get noticed by a prospective employer.

We will professionally write for you a tailored and personalised CV and cover letter that stand out.

We have extensive experience in writing resumes for clients from many different types of professions and trades. We have assisted clients in moving from one industry to another, by expanding on their transferable skills.

We will need a copy of your most recent resume as well as details of roles that you would like to apply for and be marketed towards. We usually ask for a turn around time of around 3-4 working days to have the documents back and ready for your review.

Please note that our service is delivered primarily by email contact. 

For pricing details, please click here.

To make an order, please contact us via the order link above.



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