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One-on-One VS Group Interviews: Which is BETTER?

People in a group job interview setting
Group interviews are not for everyone

What do you think? Is a one-on-one interview better than being in a group interview setting? Or do you think being in a group setting will ensure you stand out better from the other applicants?

These are good questions to ask.

Indeed, not every interview you attend will be the same. Some interviews will be rushed, others, slower but more comprehensive and exhaustive.

In a one-on-one interview setting, it's just you and the interviewer. Or there may be two people interviewing you, each asking different questions.

In a group interview setting, it's you, the interviewers, and a whole bunch of other candidates vying for the same job.

Many people find group interview sessions to be very uncomfortable and awkward and for good reason. Nobody wants to feel that they have to compete with others vying for the same job.

Even with interview skills coaching, it can still be a challenge and a struggle to make a great impression, especially when some in the group are egotistical and take over to steal the limelight.

Here are what I think are the pros and cons of each interview arrangement:



  • More personalised

  • Easier to engage with the interviewer

  • Less intimidating


  • More difficult to stand out from other applicants because you don't know who the competition is



  • Easier to understand who you're up against

  • Opportunity to stand in front and make an impression


  • Can be very intimidating


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