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Maximising the Impact: 5 Effective Ways to Utilise Your Capability Statement

In business, showcasing your abilities to win clients and contracts is essential.

Capability statement on a tablet device
Unlocking opportunities: Your capability statement - your key to success in business

A capability statement is a powerful tool that outlines your company's strengths and qualifications. It's more than just a marketing introduction.

Here are five ways to use your capability statement to enhance your business:

1. Networking:

Make your capability statement available at networking events and conferences. If you are comfortable, you can give it to potential clients, partners, and stakeholders to show your strengths and expertise.

2. Government contracts:

Some companies may submit their capability statement to government agencies to prove their company has the qualifications to fulfil contract requirements. Doing so can highlight past performance, certifications, and socio-economic status to increase competitiveness.

3. Supplier diversity programs:

Corporations and government entities have programs that seek to promote diversity in procurement. Your capability statement can help you enter these programs by showing your company's diverse attributes, such as minority ownership or certifications.

4. Business proposals:

A capability statement in your proposal package can show your company's qualifications and capabilities. Tailor your statement to match the requirements in the proposal to stand out amongst competitors.

5. Strategic partnerships:

Some businesses use capability statements to initiate discussions and negotiations with potential partners. Some share it to show how their strengths complement theirs and facilitate collaboration.

A compelling capability statement increases your visibility, credibility, and competitiveness in the marketplace. Keep it concise, organised, and easy to understand. By investing time and effort into crafting and updating your statement, you can unlock new opportunities for your business.



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