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Gossiping in the Workplace – Just Don’t Do It!

Let’s face it; we aren’t going to lie; we all like a good gossiping session.

We love to talk about what other people are doing or what they have done when it has nothing to do with us.

Workers do it when they have nothing else better to do or are in a mindless job. Because they are in a position that doesn’t require much thinking, they need something to stimulate their brain, and so they occupy themselves with innate chatter and nasty stories.

The problem is if you find yourself in a gossiping session and you don’t join in, your co-workers may see you as stuck up or taking sides. But really, the gossiping needs to stop with you.

If you see something or hear something, don’t spread the gossip at all. And if you find yourself in a gossiping session, look as though you are gossiping without ever doing it. Don’t add to the conversation; just say, “Oh ok, I didn’t know that”, and leave it there.

The problem with gossiping is not only that it can all be false information and is far from the truth, but if others see that you are gossiping, they are less likely to trust you.

But if you don’t go about spreading gossip, your colleagues will see you as a loyal friend and someone that they can confide in and who won’t go about spreading the information.

Gossiping also will tear a team apart, making it harder to work together and achieve your job with your colleagues.


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