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Easing the effect of a redundancy - what every employer should know.

Letting go of staff isn't easy for any employer. Emotions are certainly high and the last thing the employer would want is to receive negative feedback and publicity after letting go of staff.

So, what should an employer be aware of when it comes to easing the effects of a redundancy?

That individuals matter. Supporting the employee is of utmost priority to ensure a smooth transition out of the workplace and into new employment.

Under difficult and complex circumstances, sure, this isn't easy. But there are strategies and approaches that an employer can take to ease the effect of a redundancy.

The team at Client Centric provide professional outplacement services. What this means is that they can support employers support their redundant staff by providing them with a professionally written CV, cover letter, interview skills coaching, a revamped LinkedIn profile and assistance with addressing key selection criteria by enlisting the services of Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions.

If you are an employer and considering letting go of a long-time staff member, why not utilise our services here at Client Centric to help ensure the staff member makes a smooth transition on to new employment and also lessen the burden of any negativity or damage to workplace morale.



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