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Do I Have To Address The Selection Criteria On The Job Advertisement?

Most jobs these days don't ask for candidates to address a set of selection criteria. Some employers just want the candidate to submit a copy of their resume and cover letter, nothing more, nothing less.

But for those jobs that do list a specific set of key selection criteria, that to you is a signal of what they will be basing their hiring decisions on.

The criteria sets the benchmark so to speak as a guide and direction as to the type of candidate and what that candidate will offer to be successful in securing the position.

If you submit your application without any regard for the selection criteria, you may run the risk of not being considered at all for the position. The employer may feel that you did not take the time to thoroughly complete your application by addressing as a separate document the selection criteria.

So if you are wondering as to whether or not you should address the selection criteria, my suggestion is that you do. It makes sense to take the time to really polish up your application and show the employer that you truly do have what it takes to do the job and you're willing to take the initiative to address the selection criteria, even if you were not asked to do so in the job advertisement.

If you happen to be struggling with addressing the selection criteria, our team here at Client Centric are expert selection criteria writers. So much so that we even offer a selection criteria writing service to clients all over Australia.



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