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Assistance with Addressing Key Selection Criteria Writing Services in Melbourne

Are you applying for a job that has a ‘key selection criteria?’ Are you finding it difficult writing out the responses? Are you finding it too time consuming? Would like help addressing each key criteria?

At Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions, we offer a service where we address the key selection criteria for you. This can be a standalone service or as a package with a professionally written resume and covering letter that all complement eachother to market and sell your skills and abilities to the employer.

A well written and correctly structured Selection Criteria (SC) letter is the key to getting an interview and ahead of other applicants who decide either not to apply for the job because the work and effort in writing it out is too difficult for them or if they do, they write ambiguous answers that are far too long and make for a boring reading.

The person reading your application letter has limited time to go through every applicant. They will browse through your letter addressing the SC and if upon reading a couple sentences that takes their interest, will most likely add you to the short listed pile.

As the job market becomes tighter and as the supply of labour outweighs the demand in certain industries, more and more employers are opting for potential candidates to address a SC before they are even considered for an interview.

Key SC are especially used in the public sector by Government agencies at all levels including Local, State and Federal Government. Candidates who write good responses to the criteria are usually the first ones to be considered. So therefore it is vital that you have professionally written responses to the criteria of your chosen job.

When addressing each criterion, always remember that employers and recruitment agents are specifically looking at each question and you’re response in detail. If they feel at any point in time that you have just done a copy a paste response and did not tailor your answer to the employer, they will be put off and disregard your application for employment.  Questions are usually the same but your responses should always be twitched so that your application comes across personal to that employer.

Your answers to each criterion should have at least 1 – 2 prime and concrete examples that demonstrate your aptitude in that given area and shows you can do what they are after. We are aware that writing responses to key selection criteria can take a long time and seem like forever, which is why we are here to help. You can always reuse the SC letter we write for you again but make sure you twitch the answers to suit. 

Every selection criteria that we  address is personalised and extensive research is undertaken to write quality answers.

When addressing the key selection criteria, we make sure that each answer is maximum half a page long and specifically addresses the statement or question being asked.

We conduct extensive research by going through the position description and deciphering what the employer is looking for, what is involved in the role and then using terminology used in the job description and including it where appropriate when making an answer to each criterion.

We follow the ‘SAO’ approach when writing out a response. This is is by addressing the “Situation”; “Action” and “Approach”. Each answer is also structured to have an introduction, body and conclusion which then ties everything neatly in a readable and understandable manner. In writing out each response we believe it to be very important to be truthful and positive, not exaggerating or downplaying your skills, capabilities and experience.

For more information on this service, we welcome you to visit our page by clicking here for assistance addressing key selection criteria for jobs in Melbourne.

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