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How to Effectively Use Your Speech to Influence Your Clients, by Matthew Coppola

The mind is an amazing place. When you realise how the mind works you are able to provide actual solutions that work and your results are easier and enhanced. I’m going to show you something that’s quite interesting. Id like to do an activity first to prove my point. I’d like you to count how many times I say the word red in this story. There was a red house and a red car out the front, next to the red house was a green house, with a blue bike and a green letter box out the front, Next to the Green house there is a red motorcycle and a red car and a red driveway. The red driveway had a green and blue edge to it.

How many times did I say Blue? What did you get…Only reds why? Because you were looking for it? And you didn’t get anything else? Well Do you believe that people listen to only what they look for? That proves it. So know we know that people will look for certain things in your conversation how can we use this? Well im going to show you know how you can influence certain words in your speech to help the client understand and also get what you want them to get from the conversation.

Let’s SAY I wanted you to HEAR certain things how do you think I can INFLUENCE people to pick CERTAIN things from my sales pitch?

Adding volume, Whispering, Stretching words, basically using your volume pitch and tempo to create and illustrative and interesting sales pitch. Your clients WILL be hearing the WORDS you want them to hear.

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