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What Makes a Good Resume Stand Out?

Time and time again I have clients asking me that they apply for so many jobs but they never hear back from an employer. Some have even applied for jobs to only minutes later receive an email saying that their application has been unsuccessful. They then ask themselves "Did the employer even bother looking at my resume??" The unfortunate explanation is no they did not fully consider your resume because they would have been inundated with hundreds if not thousands of resumes put forward for the job but your resume did not make the cut.

So then what makes a good resume stand out from the rest? Well firstly it needs to captivate the audience. Your name should be large and the focal point at the top of your resume.

Then underneath that should be a good summary about you and what you have to offer to an employer. This is the part where you sell yourself. That's resume, writing a resume and applying for a job is a selling game. You are the product. You also are the salesman.

A good salesman knows his products. He knows the ins and outs. He is prepared for whatever question comes his way and ready for any form of criticism. He believes in product is firm in the belief that his product is one of the best.

So there is your answer. A good resume is one that sells you to the employer. That's what will make you stand out from the rest because most people simply do not know how to sell themselves and that is where the people who get the jobs succeed in life. They know how to sell themselves.

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