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Proper Zoom Etiquette: Holding Digital Meetings With Elegance

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging on, many around the world are now working from home.

Most personal face to face engagement in the workplace is now almost brought to nothing. We are engaging via online video-conferencing systems more than ever now with our colleagues and clients.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, 'etiquette' by definition is the set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations.

When it comes to video-conferencing etiquette, there are a few points that we believe one should observe in the workplace:

  • Wear modest and appropriate attire. I feel it isn't right to go pantless, especially if the camera accidentally points downward.

  • When people are speaking, listen and avoid any unnecessary distractions or comments that will throw the person speaking off.

  • Attend the meeting on-time and be present, ready to have a full share in the meeting conversation.

  • If you need to leave the meeting for whatever reason or step out for five minutes, send a message to everyone saying that you are just stepping out for a short while. And when you return, let everyone know that you are now present.

  • Avoid talking too much unnecessarily by trying to hold the conversation and draw the attention and discussion to yourself.



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