Why it’s important to write a ‘thank you letter’ after your interview, by Matthew

It is very important and can even persuade a potential employer to hire you, by sending a thank you letter or email right after an interview. Most employers appreciate the effort and initiative taken by the interviewees when they follow up right after the interview. If you have an interview soon, my recommendation is to follow up with a brief and straight to the point note emailed to the employer, but do so within 24 hours of the meeting. Your resume got you to the interview. The interview will get you to the short-listing and consideration stage. The thank you letter will help you get you to the job offer stage.

Now just how much percentage increase in chance the follow up letter provides, well that’s debatable. Even a 1% increase is better than nothing!

A brief, concise, ‘no pressure to hire me’ thank you letter demonstrates that you take initiative and are genuinely interested in the employer, the job and your career. Its shows that you saw the interview not just being a numbers game, but a chance to work for a great employer in a job that you want to sink your feet in and stay there!

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Author: Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Careers Advisor, Employment Specialist & Resume Writing Expert.

With over 7 years’ experience in Recruitment, Employment Services and Corporate Training, Matthew has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in resume writing, interview skills, job searching strategies, selection criteria writing and career planning. 

His approach to resume writing is to actually sell the individual, shine a light on their best qualities and powerfully market them to prospective employers. 

Matthew holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics.

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