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Why having a great resume matters to obtain a job in Ipswich, by Matthew Coppola

Finding work can certainly be a challenging and frustrating time for many. But, if you reside in Ipswich, Queensland, why does having a professionally written resume and cover letter help improve one’s chances of securing an interview? The answer is relevance.

When an employer or recruiter puts out a job advertisement, they are really looking for someone who has the relevant experience, education and meets the criteria as outlined in the job advertisement.

When the hiring agents come across job application documents that specifically outline and stipulate how and why the candidate meets their selection criteria, this can help largely to motivate them to want to at least interview the candidate.

It means that the candidate is really putting their best foot forward for the job, and really showing to the reader how important the job is to them and that they are genuinely confident in their ability to perform the role.

A recruiter may spend very minimal time reading through applications as they scour through (often the case) the hundreds of submissions.

So, job application documents which help to grab their attention and stand out from the rest may improve the chances of the hiring person taking the time to read and take interest in the candidate’s CV and cover letter.


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