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When you don't hear anything back after an interview - what can you do?




Okay, so you feel the interview went well or didn't go as well as you would have liked. At the end of the interview, you thanked the employer's time and consideration, then leave.

A day later, you don't hear anything. Next day, hear nothing at all. What should you do?

First off, think clearly about all of this. You may not have been the only person that they interviewed. There may be other candidates that they are also interviewing, possibly even a few days after you had your interview. So things are quite fresh and they may not have even made a decision on who they will hire.

So, their practice may be to contact all the candidates after they made their hiring decision to either let the candidate know that they are successful and offer them to role, or call up or email to say that they were not successful.

My suggestion is to send a follow up email on the same day after your interview thanking them for their time today. If you forget to, then a day later is fine. It's completely up to you, but it may be nice to show that you are keenly interested, that you hope you helped in their decision making and will await their final decision.

Or, you may decide after your interview to forget about it and move on to applying for other jobs. This way, you may not feel so disheartened if you are not successful for the role, as you have other applications in the pipeline.

The team at Client Centric provide interview skills coaching should you be interested in using their service to help build up your confidence for your future interviews.

Matthew Coppola, Client Centric

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