When you are asked "Tell us a bit about yourself?" in an interview

An employer will ask this question so they can get to know you on a professional and personal level, as well as to try and ease into the interview. The employer doesn't want to know everything about your personal life and what you have done up until now.

The question is like small talk and how you answer helps the employer to determine what to ask you next.

This question is best answered in a succinct, professional, but personal manner; however, you want to make sure you are not reciting your resume as the employer will already have it in their hand. They want to know about your passions with work, career goals, experience in a nutshell and even what your favourite hobby is, as well as anything else about you aside from work that helps them get to know the real you.

How you answer this open-ended question will inform the employer how you would speak in meetings with co-workers, bosses and clients. Be prepared for this question and show the interviewers that you prepared for it.

The confidence that will come across from your answer will start you on the right foot.

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