What It Means To Have Good Stakeholder Engagement Skills

Stakeholders include individuals and groups both within and outside of your organisation who you interact and engage with as part of your job.

Being effective at engaging stakeholders is one of the highly sought after skills that most employers ask for, no matter what kind of field or profession you are in.

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To 'engage' a stakeholder is to interact with them. You're involving them in conversation with you. You are listening to them, asking questions, trying to get to know them on a deeper level and working with them in a close and collaborative manner as professionals in the workplace.

It takes perseverance and a genuine interest in others to be effective at engagement.

When you want to build a strong working relationship with someone, you do your utmost to get to know them well. You want to work effectively with them and you want to build a strong working relationship with that person or group of people.

This takes effort. It takes perseverance and energy.

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The reason why being able to engage well with stakeholders is a highly sought after skill is because most jobs these days, probably 90% in fact, require the employee to some extent to engage with people both within the workplace and externally, such as with suppliers, partners and customers.

If you find yourself struggling to engage with people, this may be a skills that you could learn to be better at. To be able to engage well with people, build rapport, establish and maintain relationships and nurture existing connections is something that many employers will highly value. You may even be asked this in an interview setting.

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